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 CS:Source Strat Guide Pt.4

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PostSubject: CS:Source Strat Guide Pt.4   CS:Source Strat Guide Pt.4 Icon_minitimeTue Jul 17, 2007 9:15 pm

III. Map Reviews

Assault: Many versions of this map are played, but they are basically all the same map. The Counter-Terrorist team starts off outside the main warehouse containing the hostages. Being a Counter-Terrorist on this map is very difficult with the Terrorists camping the various entrances to the warehouse. The Terrorist team basically sits in their base and snipes at those trying to sneak inside. The front garage door is a “turkey shoot” for Terrorists with long-range weaponry. Your second option for entrance is the back door. However, if its being watched one has to escape crossfire from both the front and back. The last entrance into the warehouse is the most commonly used, and if flooded with Counter-Terrorists can be easily accessed. The hostages are rarely rescued in this map because of the difficulty for entrance and then exit. In my opinion this is the hardest map for which to be a Counter-Terrorist. Therefore, I recommend being a Terrorist and work on picking of the enemy long-range.

Aztec: A map filled with earthy tones and textures, this map provides great cover with it dark areas and color scheme. However the characteristics of Aztec provide for a difficult time seeing and hitting your opponents. Of all the maps I believe this one is the hardest to hit long-range targets. There are basically three areas to this map; the water, the bridge and the double doors leading to Terrorist spawn. Covering these entrances thoroughly will likely result in a Counter-Terrorist victory. Those who possess sniping skills will enjoy covering the bridge and picking off their enemy while they bravely run across. This map is either hit-or-miss, either team has a chance if they choose the right strategies. The water area of the map is the darkest and enemies often lurk in the depths waiting to pounce. With a proficient team of players one can dominate this map and slaughter the other team, but this doesn’t happen often and scores are generally kept even.

Chateau: An excellent flanking map; one can sweep around an opponent and rack up easy kills. For a Terrorist rushing bombsite A is a daunting task. The Counter-Terrorists cover this bombsite from the 10 different windows on three sides. The easier option is bombsite B with it’s slightly better cover and smaller area. A way for a Terrorist to flank the CT’s is to quickly rush site A and jump into a window on the sides. From here they can make their way upstairs and behind the camping enemy. On the Counter-Terrorist side, one can flank by breaking the boards near site B and coming through the water to the Terrorist spawn and then to site A. Basically a close-combat map, you’ll see more shotguns and SMGs used over Scouts and zooming weapons.

Cbble: European style village was the basis of this map’s creation. The easiest thing for the Counter-Terrorists to accomplish on this map is to camp the bombsite not located at the CT spawn. Be careful of the two different sniper’s nests in this map, only located near each team’s spawn. Because of the closeness of the two bombsites, one can cover both or defuse the bomb quickly with much time spent. The most common event when playing this map is the teams to be caught in a standstill at the entrance to the larger bombsite. As a result, if one can sweep around back of the other, easy kills can be had. Due to the maps large areas, the most common guns include zoom rifles and Scouts. A sub machine gun cannot hit a person a long ways off, a thus should not be bought on this map.

Dust: A classic and still the most popular map in all of Counter-Strike. Based in the Middle-East, Dust is one of the brighter maps and therefore the darker colors of your uniform will stand out. There are two ways to the bombsite in Dust, the fewest of any of the maps. You can either go through the hallways or the underpass. However, there are drawbacks to each. If the Terrorist don’t rush hard to Bombsite A, the hallways become a “bottle-neck” and a lengthy firefight. The only other way, the underpass is always guarded by snipers and is difficult to navigate. If the Terrorist team fails in their attempts to rush the bombsite they will likely start to camp outside the hallway entrance. When the T’s start to do this a Counter-Terrorist’s job becomes very difficult because the roles have been reversed and now they will have to rush.

Dust2: Second map in the line of Middle Eastern scheme. Dust2 has more choices than its predecessor, and a lot more route choices. The most direct route between spawns is through the middle with the large double doors. Using teamwork on this map is a must. With the ability to flank an opponent easily a team has to stick together in order to survive. For instance, a Terrorist team who sticks together is almost certain to win against a team of a few Counter-Terrorists. There are two routes to bombsite A: Long A and Short A. The longer route is to the Terrorist right and through the set of double doors. The shorter route runs parallel to the middle, between the bases. Bombsite B is one of the smallest and easiest to protect in the game, while bombsite A’s openness is more difficult.

Havana : Based in Cuba, this map is a combination of courtyards and hallways. Once you play this map, you’ll notice that routes are different each round. Sometimes an entrance will be closed and then be open other rounds. From the Counter-Terrorist spawn there is four separate routes to the objective; hostages on the second level. In my opinion this map is the easiest to rescue the hostages, with three rescue points. Because there are many entrances and exits, it’s often hard to find the opponent and cover the hostages. You can do one of two things on this map: 1. run constantly around the courtyards and look for your opponent or 2. Sit and wait for them to come to you. I’ve found that if the Terrorist don’t cover the entrances well enough, the Counter-Terrorist can easily rush the upper levels and wipe out everyone.

Inferno: No official map has been released by Valve, but there is an excellent custom map version. Instead of the dusty older version, the new Inferno is more of a European town. The maps’ layout is basically the same, except that new source models have been added and the overall brightness is lower. The two bombsites are on separate sides of the map, and each present many camping spots for the Terrorist to camp after planting the bomb. Because of the long, open corridors of fire, the Counter-Terrorists have the advantage of the Terrorists having to rush. If the Terrorist choose a slow approach to the bombsite, they’ll likely be flanked from behind.

Italy : Other than Assault, this is one of the maps that Terrorist camp the most, or any team for that matter. In this Italian village, the Counter-Terrorists have the daunting task of rushing an elevated house containing the hostages. The apartment route to the house is probably the most intense close combat firefight in all of CS. You must be very brave in order to choose this route. I recommend trying to flank around to the Counter-Terrorist base and then backtrack through the apartment. The Counter-Terrorist will likely be focused on the hostage house and will be easy targets. The long hallway from the market is sure to be guarded by snipers and is not often used as an entrance to the hostages. Instead, most Counter-Terrorists come from the middle or from the apartments. Italy is one of the toughest maps to be a Counter-Terrorist.

Militia: Like Assault, there isn’t an official map but it is a well-made custom. Very little was changed to the actual map’s makeup except for a few visual upgrades; ex: ivy on the building is a nice touch. Although not set at night, the map is unusually dark, despite being very orange. In my opinion, if you own the sewers than you can control the other team’s strategy. Not only will you cause the Counter-Terrorists to rely on a frontal-assault, but you’ll also be able to flank their rear. If you’re a Counter-Terrorist I’d work on eliminating the other team. The reason for this is that although every hostage is “dumb,” you’ll want to shoot these ones the most. Militia is another Terrorist-friendly map.

Office: Basis of all close combat maps. With the lack of large open areas, Office is basically a map consisting of small rooms and hallways. The Counter-Terrorists are usually the ones who rush the hostages and the Terrorist sit back and camp. You can either find the Terrorists hiding in the dark, hostage room or flanking the Counter-Terrorists through the garage door. This is one of the few maps that the teams are generally on a level playing field. Along with the Dust maps this is one of the most played, due to its fast, intense firefights.

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CS:Source Strat Guide Pt.4
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