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 CS:Source Strat Guide Pt.5

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PostSubject: CS:Source Strat Guide Pt.5   Tue Jul 17, 2007 9:16 pm

Piranesi: A medieval castle setting, this map will seem like a maze to a beginner. Although there are two bombsites, there are many ways to each. Bombsite A is closer to the Counter-Terrorist spawn and is much harder to defend after planting the bomb. The reason for this is the large area the bombsite encompasses and the lack of cover. At bombsite A, the Counter-Terrorist can approach from three directions and shoot covering fire from the castle parapets and windows. As a result, bombsite B is more widely used and thus should be covered more. Bombsite B doesn’t have the high vantage points and the Terrorists can focus on covering a 90 degree arc instead of a 180. B also provides many dark nooks and doorways to which a Terrorist can camp. Before playing this map, I seriously recommend memorizing the layout so you’re not lost online.

Prodigy: In my opinion, Prodigy is the best remake of a CS original. With little changed in the level itself, the graphical improvements are very impressive. Instead of a bland cliff, there lies an incredible looking bunker system. The most detailed thing in this level is the rusty roof of the Terrorist base. There are two ways to the bombsites in this map: the canyon and the garage. Teams generally split which way they go, but I’d suggest going with your skills. If you’re good long range, go the canyon route and shoot your opponent down the waterfall. On the other hand, the garage is closer, face-to-face fighting. Whichever way you go, be sure to buy plenty of grenades, as they are likely to cause severe damage in the massive groupings on Prodigy. Because of the major flanking occurring on this map, beware of the campers in the Terrorist spawn. If you’ve continued to flank the opponent from the rear, it’s possible that they’ll leave a couple stragglers behind. Both bombsites are among the smallest in the game and are generally hard to break; most noticeable the computer room site.

IV. Teamwork

Teamwork is the basis of a successful Counter-strike match. Without an organized group of people you can’t possibly win. For instance, if everyone splits up and goes their separate ways, everyone will be eliminated one-by-one. However even if a team sticks together, it doesn’t necessarily mean that “teamwork” exists. If someone is being shot at, don’t wait until they die to shoot the enemy, help them out. When playing online I have frequently been shot when I was surrounded by teammates. This should not happen if a true team atmosphere exists. Instead one should focus on covering their teams’ back and hope that they’ll do likewise. An example for teamwork: going up the ladder from the sewers on Militia. In this situation, you should not let a teammate go up alone as they will be eliminated quickly. Flashbangs should be thrown up before the rush and the rest of the team should follow. Although some may die in this situation, at least it will not be the entire team.

You see it in every Counterstrike server, a person whose sole purpose is to annoy. These few people choose to cause disruption and don’t care about what happens to you or them. They choose to constantly swear or verbally abuse both people on their team and their opponents. Because you need your teammates in order to succeed, I don’ recommend that you take to such actions. However, if you choose to annoy then you be aware that your teammates might not come to your rescue when you press the “Need Backup” message. I suggest that you remain polite and courteous, answering everyone’s questions and helping those who are inexperienced.

Although you may not mean to do so, flashing a teammate can be almost as bad as killing them. If you throw a flashbang into a room when a teammate is nearby, he’ll be a sitting duck until the blinding affect wears off. In order to prevent this from occurring be sure to check before throwing flashbangs and to work on your grenade tossing. There is an art to throwing grenades, involving distance, ricochet, and trajectory. Distance: you can throw a grenade a great distance by moving forward and releasing while running. If you pull this tactic off, you’ll launch the grenade like Michael Vick does a football. Ricochet: although you may not be able to see the enemy around that corner, you are able to bounce a grenade off a wall and towards its destination. Be careful when throwing off walls, as the grenade can come back to bite you, literally. Trajectory: in order to throw a great distance you’ll have the correct level of launch. If you aim too low you’ll cause the grenade to hit the ground before reaching the opponent. Despite the ability to reach vast distances with a HE grenade, the weapon itself will detonate after a certain time. The most common cause of a miss-thrown grenade is not the player’s inexperience, but an ill-fated “bump.” For example, you’re moving to throw a grenade and a teammate runs into you, causing your throw to be offline and unsuccessful.

If you’re the last person alive and are not likely to take out the remaining enemy you shouldn’t do one thing; camp. Choosing to camp will only accomplish a waste of time and the growing disloyalty of your teammates. One does not play Counterstrike to sit around waiting to start the next round; they want to be in the action. As a result, when people have to wait over 3 minutes they start to become annoyed. If this happens once, alright but if it happens multiple times you’ve lost your team. When your own team wants you dead, they won’t bother covering your back in a firefight. They’d rather see you die then have to wait more wasted minutes. The one exception to this is if the surviving teammate is a player of many skills, someone like me. In this situation, these types of players can take out multiple enemies before dying and therefore will provide a show for those watching.

Having good teamwork is good, having a close-knit group of friends… priceless.

In Counterstrike, the three groups of radio messages are important to the game. If one does not have a microphone at their disposal to voice commands with, then these can be used instead of typing. Typing messages can make you venerable to attack and stop your movement completely. Instead uses the keys [Z, X, C] and the corresponding numbers for radio commands. I use these messages numerous times during each round, and without them my team wouldn’t know of the situation at my position. Using the commands is one aspect of radioing, the other is more important: listening. When a teammate plants the bomb and wants assistance covering it, they’ll radio “hold this position.” A team can work fluently to plant the bomb, but if everyone ignores this message and goes their separate ways, a Counter-Terrorist can easily defuse.

V. Camping

I don’t recommend making a habit of camping in Counterstrike. As I have stated above, your teammates will grow to dislike you on their side and hope you die quickly each round. There are both advantages and disadvantages of camping. One positive is that you might be able to kill a few opponents before they recognize were you’re hiding. However, proficient players know almost all camping sites and routinely check them as they pass the area. A major disadvantage is that when camping you are sitting still and thus you are easier to hit. Also, when shooting at an enemy from a camping position you will have to hit a moving target, a much more difficult task. If you’re not successful with your first few shots, you’re likely to be spotted. Reaction time is generally longer when you’re camping making your shots more important than those of your target.

There is only two times in which you can camp without being ridiculed. If you’re a Terrorist and the bomb has been planted, you’re safe to camp and guard the area. [Hint: when covering the bomb, I suggest that you don’t sit directly on the bomb. Instead remain hidden until you hear the sound of the defuse beginning. When a Counter-Terrorist is defusing, they are a “sitting-duck.” Even if they stop their defusing, it will take a second or two in order to fire.] The second time in which camping is allowed is when Terrorists are guarding hostages. However, I suggest that one waited until the Counter-Terrorists are approaching to start camping. I don’t think any situation calls for a Counter-Terrorist is called upon to camp, unless he is guarding the bombsite.

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CS:Source Strat Guide Pt.5
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