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 CS:Source War Strat Guide Pt.2

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PostSubject: CS:Source War Strat Guide Pt.2   Wed Jul 18, 2007 10:39 am

War Strategy:


* Kill the enemy. Do not shoot, grenade or flash your own team.
* Ego is possibly the biggest down fall of many a clan. For some reason, many people think they are so much better than everybody else, and don't have to do a lot of the simple things it takes to win. Get over yourself, you will learn quicker and be more successful, if you treat the opposition with respect.
* Don't rely on having faster reflexes and aim than your opposition to win wars. Far too many clans think this is all they need and quite often this is all they have got. Clans that over-rely on the AWP tend to have too many of these types of players.
* Know yourself and each of your team mates capabilities. For example but not limited to: Don't send a team mate who does not AWP to a position that requires an AWP to hold it effectively or send an AWP'er to a CQC position. It also applies to how you will structure your defenses as well as your attacks. The whole point being, is to have plans and play the game in a way that exploits your individual players strengths, whilst attempting to shield their weaknesses.
* Learn the maps, the choke points and how long it takes to get to them. Know the camping spots, the bomb planting and defusal positions, and how to navigate the map without actually having to see where you are going.
* Learn what the various choke points on each map you play on are. Learn how to gain control of them early and how to hold them. Learn the timings for moving to and through them are and the time it then takes to reach a bombsite once the choke point has been breached. Also know how to take a choke point back if you need to with more than just superior reflexes and aim.
* Learn how to use your radar (see description below) to determine position of teammates and the enemy. You know where the enemy is when you see a dot disappear off your screen.

* Have scoreboard bound close by your movement keys so you can easily check team and enemy numbers quickly, without having to take your hand off movement keys.
* As Terrorists you should be skin 2 (L337 Krew) as Counter-Terrorists its skin 4 (French GIGN) in order to cover your numbers. 5 guys popping in and out 1 at a time will look like the 1 guy if you all have the same skin. L337 Krew is the skinniest and hardest to see model most of the time; French GIGN has the smallest head for Counter-Terrorists and a head similar to the Phoenix Connektion Terrorist skin.
* Some maps allow you to determine early what the other team's defence and offence strat is going to be. Figure out which maps these are and how to do it.
* Don't pick up enemy guns if somebody else in your team needs it. If you pick up enemy gun, do not drop it again, because you will keep all the bullets, and the gun is practically useless to whoever else picks it up, because the gun won't have any spare ammo.
* Do pick up guns that the enemy drops, if none of your team needs the gun. If you have time, empty and drop them to deny enemy a gun with bullets if they pick it up, since all ammo stays with the person who drops the gun, so long as they are alive when they do it.
* Do pick up guns of dead people to top up your own ammo, but make sure you reload first. Very important on wall spam maps like de_nuke.
* Know which guns share ammunition to maximise the benefit of the previous points. eg. (Colt, Clarion, Defender, AUG, Para) (USP, UMP) (Glock, MP5) etc.
* Don't stand in front of AWP'ers, crouch or get out of the friggin' way.
* You absolutely must learn how to use ALL grenades, I cannot stress this strongly enough. Most good teams base their whole strategies around placing specific grenades into specific locations at specific times, they hardly ever rely on just being a better shot than the opposition players. Just about everybody in a half decent clan can aim and shoot when they are supposed to. If you don't throw a HE/Flash Grenade(s) to make them move, or Smoke Grenades to obscure their vision, they will have you pre-lined up for a headshot, and you will lose the majority of these encounters.
* Learn how to throw the various grenades so they land where you want them from various positions on the map. This includes knowing what angle you need to use to achieve a certain effect, as in banking off a wall or throwing them at a certain angle so they land where you want it to. You ought to know how to put a grenade where you want it without putting
* Do not waste your HE Grenades unless you know the enemy is there. They are very valuable and can do a lot of damage to the opposition if they placed in the correct location. Far too often people throw HE Grenades with only the hope that the opposition might be there, or attempt to use them to stop a rush.
* Some players are really good at avoiding Flashbangs. Use a Smoke Grenade to force them to avoid the Flashbang effect, then throw the Flashbang in. If you time it right, the Flashbang will be exploding in the persons face right about the time they have spun back from trying avoid your fake Flashbang (Smoke Grenade).
* The above tip can also be used in situations where you only have a Smoke Grenade. This requires you to throw it towards the enemy where it will bounce, which will give them time to turn around to avoid it. This in turn gives you the upper hand for the split second that they think it is a Flashbang, although all is wasted if A. there are too many players in the area B. the player didn't turn around to avoid the fake flash or if C. you act too late, the smoke deploys and they realise that it is indeed not a Flashbang.
* HE Grenades do not genrally stop rushes unless thrown in multiples, but a single flashbang can stop a concerted rush dead in its tracks, especially in Source.
* Practice selections of various weapon combinations via the keyboard or mouse scroll wheel, so you are used to going from gun to flashbang to HE, back to gun, then pistol, then gun, to smoke, to gun, to pistol to gun again for example, relatively smoothly. Do it with and without the bomb if you use the mouse wheel to scroll through weapons. Do not use scripts to do this for you, they are not flexible, and you cannot use them at LAN events, so you better just get used to not relying on them.
* Keep your crosshairs pointed at head height. Many good players get a lot of kills merely by holding their crosshairs in the correct position. Remember, it takes time to move your mouse, the less time you have to spend moving your mouse the quicker your shots will be and subsequently your kills as well.
* If you are relying on being a better shot and out-aiming the opposition players, then you have missed the whole purpose of why this page has been written.
* You do not always have to kill the enemy to win. If you have the opposition team cornered in a position where they cannot harm you, leave them there, until they are forced to come out and you can engage them from a high percentage position.
* Remember, some of the best spots on the map, can also be the worst spots if the enemy has out flanked you or by-passed you altogether. For example. The Long A pit on Dust2 is a great spot to hold from, unless of course the rest of your team is dead and the opposition has you surrounded, at which point it becomes a death trap.
* Not dying is a skill too! Learn how to get yourself out of no-win situations, or better yet, not place yourself in no-win situations in the first place. 1 live player on 1 health is eminently more useful than a dead player!
* One of the skills in not dying is to try to recognise whether you are in a high or low percentage position. A high percentage position is one where most people will kill the opposition player pretty easily. eg. Defending a correctly planted bomb at A on Dust2 from the Long A pit with an AWP. A low percentage position is one where you have to make a shot that will be shown in videos for years to come for being so impressive. It is good to be able to make those types of shots, but the probability of success is usually low. eg. Shooting the AWP who sitting in the Long A pit with an AK when you are the last man left from the A bomb site on Dust2 with the bomb planted in A.

Strategy is what you attempt to use to turn those low percentage positions into higher percentage positions.
* If you are a really good player trying to offer advice to your not so experienced team mates, don't just yell at them and call them a n00b when they do something stupid or wrong. Tell them what they did wrong, what you would have done differently, and exactly why you would have done it the way you described. Point them here if you have to! If you do not know exactly why you would have done something a certain way, then that is worth investigating and integrating into your playing technique. The whole raisons d'etre for this guide, was to map out exactly the things to do or not do to improve me and my clans playing.
* Concentration required to play well for an entire map, is NOT something that the individual or team will acquire over night. This is a learned skill that takes practice, and can only be acquired by playing several matches in a row, 1 after the other. 3 maps quickly in a row, that is, no real break in between each map/match, of actually trying hard to play properly and win against opponents that test you, not just a team that you can walk over in your sleep, is the only real way to achieve this. That is why it helps to play teams that are as good as you or better than you when you are practicing. Good Teams playing against very bad opposition for practice, tends to make that good team sloppy, and they lose their hardened edge.


* Get a plan and stick to it. Practice the damn plan, and test it to exhaustion in practice wars to see if it actually works and has the outcome you expect. Have alternate plans if it is obvious that your original plan is never going to work. Like finding out 1 site has 3 AWP's in it and you have no smoke grenades.
* Don't be afraid to dump a plan if it doesn't work for your clan, so long as you give the plan a real chance to work. Remember the goal of having a plan is to win rounds with the minimum of casualties to your team, thereby winning you the war. It is very hard to win wars, if your team constantly dies, even if you happen to win the round. The money system will eventually grind you down.
* Get organised. It's no use having the best strats on the face of the planet, or the best players in the world, if you are a disorganised rabble, with everybody doing their own thing. Practicing your strats is the easiest way to do this. Everybody knowing the order things should be done is good, since if you have to use a substitute, you reduce the amount of explaining you have to do, and any re-organisation you have to do, won't upset things too much.
* Timing is everything. A simple strategy executed with precision is always going to be more effective than any strategy that is poorly executed, no matter how good that strategy is.
* Start simple and work your way up. Just do simple flashbang pushes, where you smoke to cover you and then put 1 flashbang in after another at selected locations, all the while making sure you have team mates with guns out, in position, ready to take advantage of where the flashbang has been thrown.
* Have somebody call the play. Really good clans will already know what it is they have to do, but it still requires that somebody call at the start of the round what it is your clan is going to do that round. Have back up callers in case your main strat caller dies. I've seen clans fall apart because the main strat guy dies and then nobody knows what it is they are supposed to be doing.
* Some strats for both Counter-Terrorist and Terrorist depend upon where you spawn. Learn what the obvious strat will be depending upon where you spawn on each map. Examples are: Dust, Dust2 and Prodigy for both Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist, Train for Terrorist, etc.
* Instead of assigning specific roles to specific players, get used to assigning roles by player position instead. eg. 1st player goes back left, 2nd player goes right, 3rd plants bomb, 4th backs up player 2 and 5th hangs back to cover the rear etc. etc. Then if one or two of you die, your strategy does not fall into a complete mess. The same principles work for both Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists and helps to avoid situations like there only being 3 of you left as Counter-Terrorist on dust2 and all trying to retake B through the double doors.
* While you are dead and at the start of the round, discuss with your team, the location and disposition of the enemy and start working on game plans to defeat what the enemy is doing. eg. Where are the Counter-Terrorists camping the bombsite. Have they done the same the same thing 2 times in a row? What plans in your arsenal do you have to defeat their defences? etc.
* Learn to use smoke grenades to provide COVER from AWP's or to just cover your movements and numbers. Learn where you need to place them to be effective. Learn where not to place them, so you do not screw up your own team. In Counter-Strike 1.6, the smoke is not as thick as it used to be and runs out quicker, but starts up a hell of a lot faster, you usually need 2 smoke grenades to provide the same thickness of smoke you used to get in previous versions of Counter-Strike.
* Learn to mix your play up. If you keep 5 man rushing the same part of the map, or if your defensive positions are the same every round, even reasonable teams are going to work out quickly how to counter you.
* Pay attention to the what the opposition team is doing each round and act accordingly. If they are 5 man rushing the same spot all the time, have 1 player spot for you and then give them the HE Grenade welcoming mat. If they have the same defensive position every round, learn to pick them off, or work out how to put them out of position, or even better, bypass them altogether.
* Don't all throw your flashbangs at the same time or in the exact same spot. Spread them out a little in time and placement. If you all throw 1 flashbang at eactly the same spot at the exact same time, you only get the equivalent effect of 1 flashbang. If you throw them 1 after the other with slightly different placements, then your are more likely to ensure you have flashed the opposition player(s) you were trying to flash, and kept them flashed.

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CS:Source War Strat Guide Pt.2
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