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 CS:Source War Strat Guide Pt.4

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PostSubject: CS:Source War Strat Guide Pt.4   CS:Source War Strat Guide Pt.4 Icon_minitimeWed Jul 18, 2007 10:43 am

Terrorist Notes:

* When spawning as Terrorists, everybody should be COVERing entrances to make sure you don't get rushed while you decide what to do.
* Do not buy Glock Ammo EVER!!.
* If the Counter-Terrorists ECO stacks 1 bomb site, don't take them on. Plant the bomb at the other bombsite, then kill them.
* The teams AWP'er(s) NEVER carries the bomb! Unless of course you all have AWP's.
* By rights, your weakest player ought to be the bomb planter, since your better players ought to have their guns out shooting people and not be out of action planting the bomb. Don't feel bad, I'm my clans bomb planter, since the rest of the clan are better shots than I am. Smile
* Decoys and players COVERing away from main body of attack should constantly communicate their position and the position, numbers and disposition (are they pushing up, rushing or holding back) of the enemy.
* If you are hard rushing, only the first 2 guys should be throwing Flashes/Smoke and HE, otherwise you just end up screwing your own team up.
* Drop the bomb in a safe location if you are not 100% sure you will be proceeding in a certain direction.
* If your team drops the bomb, and you need to pick it up, when you get close to the bomb, throw your gun down and pick it up to make the pick up sound to draw camped Counter-Terrorists out of their hiding place.
* The bomb carrier does not lead the charge nor should they be last, they should be the 3rd or 4th person in, so bomb does not get dropped in a heavily defended position, or gets there too late or taken out in back play. If you lose 4 guys without taking out at least 3 Counter-Terrorists or damaging them severely, you are probably going to lose the round no matter what.
* If you are not hard rushing, the bomb carrier should be doing the flashing. As I have explained before, he can't be the decoy, and most likely not have an AWP either. He should be 3rd or 4th in line, which is where you want the Flash guy to be.
* With the new money system in 1.6, it is important that Terrorists plant the bomb, especially in the early rounds. Actually its important to plant the bomb every round, and almost equally important that Counter-Terrorists now stop this from happening. As it is now not the complete disaster for Terrorists it used to be, if they lose the round after planting the bomb.
* The new money system works like this:
o If the round timer runs out you get nothing (Never do this if you only have a pistol, let the CTs kill you)
o If the round timer runs out and you die, you get nothing and lose whatever weapons you are holding (be careful about your cash position when letting the round timer run out, the gun you are trying to save had better be worth it.)
o If you die without planting the bomb, you get $1400 (which increases by $500 per round for every subsequent round lost, to a maximum of $2900) + $300 per kill
o If you plant bomb, die, and Counter-Terrorists defuse and lose, you get $2200 + $300 per kill
o If you plant bomb, die, and win with bomb exploding, you get $3500 + $300 per Kill
o If you plant bomb, die due to the bomb's explosion, and win, you get $3500 + $300 per kill
o If you plant bomb and live you get $3500 + $300 per kill
o If kill all Counter-Terrorists without planting the bomb you get $3250 + $300 per Kill
o If you plant bomb, live and kill all Counter-Terrorists BEFORE bomb goes off you get $3250 + $300 per kill
o If you plant bomb, live and kill all Counter-Terrorists AFTER bomb goes off you get $3500 + $300 per Kill
+ Please let me know if I have got any of those numbers incorrect.
* Don't run to the bomb site with the bomb in your hands and your back to the likely spots the Counter-Terrorists will appear from or where they maybe camped. Bombsite B on de_cbble is a good example of where this happens a lot.
* Protect the bomb planter at all costs. Don't run off leaving them all alone or with no COVER.
* Do not stand there watching the bomb planter, planting the bomb. Watch the possible points from where the remaining Counter-Terrorists will appear from instead. Far too many people do this simple thing wrong.
* Use Flashbangs & Smoke to COVER and buy your bomb planter time to get the bomb down.
* Plant the bomb as wide out in the open as possible. Or previously specified points as per map tactics.
* Do plant the bomb in a hidden spot when you are the last man and you know the opposition is closing in quickly and/or its a 1 v 1 or 1 v 2 situation. You have to make a judgement call here, as to how much time you have to plant.
* Know where to absolutely NOT plant the bomb. There are certain spots on particular maps that you should avoid planting the bomb at all costs. de_train is a good example of having specific parts of the bombsite where you should avoid planting the bomb, since it is possible for the Counter-Terrorists to defuse under almost complete cover with no visual clues that the bomb is being defused. This also includes avoiding bomb planting positions which result in silent planting of the bomb, which will cause your clan to forfeit a war in the GameArena Counter-Strike Ladder.

I have provided an indepth guide to bomb planting positions in Counter-Strike:Source here

* Be very circumspect about planting the bomb if you have not killed any Counter-Terrorists and you are pretty sure they haven't ECO'ed. Again, make sure the bomb planter is well COVERED while they are planting the bomb.
* Announce bomb plant position. Eg. Dust2 site A you can plant for Long A or Stairs defence.
* Once the bomb is planted, the aim of the game is to delay! delay! delay! Do not engage the enemy if at all possible, just do everything you can to delay the Counter-Terrorists from trying to defuse the bomb. Try not to die doing this.
* Know where the hell you should be once the bomb is planted. Do you really need to be standing next to the Bomb carrier when they plant the bomb? Is there a better position near the bombsite you ought to be in an attempt to stop the opposition retaking the bombsite?
* Check scoreboard and announce enemy numbers and likely incoming locations.
* Use flashbangs as Terrorists to defend planted bomb.
* Use unused smoke grenades to defend planted bomb by throwing them in direction enemy will come from, but in such a way that it doesn't affect your view of the incoming enemy. Do this if for no other reason than to drop the fps and lag out incoming opposition.
* Shoot the corners of walls, boxes and doors of the likely incoming direction of the Counter-Terrorists, as this will delay their approach and likely to damage or possibly kill them. In any case, it will delay the Counter-Terrorists re-taking of the bombsite. On de_dust2, shooting the crates at bomb site A stairs, from the bomb site is a good example of this.
* Don't defend the planted bomb, when you can do it from a safe location. Snipers should COVER long range, rifles should COVER short-range attack. eg. bomb site A plant on de_dust2, sniper takes care of Bomb, AK guy COVERs T Double Doors, split team evenly with emphasis on protecting planted bomb. eg. If we have 3 players left, 2 watch the bomb, 1 watches their backs at double doors.
* When you cannot defend from a safe distance, the guy with the least to lose and/or the most money, should stay near the bomb until the last possible second to ensure the bomb does not get sneakily defused.
* ALWAYS KILL THE BOMB DEFUSER FIRST!! I know this may seem counter-intuitive, but this is what typically happens. The bomb defuser has a defuse kit, if you do not kill the bomb defuser first, and try to kill people shooting at you, you will probably kill them, and you may in fact live long enough to kill the bomb defuser, but by the time you get to the bomb defuser, the bomb is defused and you will have lost the round. It is better to die and to have killed the bomb defuser, than to live and lose the round.

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CS:Source War Strat Guide Pt.4
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