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 CS:Source War Strat Guide Pt.5

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PostSubject: CS:Source War Strat Guide Pt.5   CS:Source War Strat Guide Pt.5 Icon_minitimeWed Jul 18, 2007 10:43 am

Counter-Terrorist Notes:

* Buy defuse kits, otherwise pick up defuse kits off the ground if you don't have one.
* If you move from your assigned spot as a Counter-Terrorist, communicate your location as you move around the map.
* Don't completely abandon your assigned bombsite when you hear that the other bombsite is under attack until the bomb is planted. The attack on the other bombsite may just be a fake. So leave at least 1 man in or near the bombsite to keep an eye on it in case that was the Terrorist plans all along, or they just change their minds on a map that allows them to do so easily. eg. de_inferno. Listening to your teams calls are crucial. Forget all that if your team has been wiped out from the other bombsite, since it will be highly probable that is where the Terrorists will end up planting.
* If you push up early on the Terrorists and make a pick, (kill 1 or more of them) fall back. You have successfully put the Terrorsist team off balance, you have probably messed up any plans they had, and you are probably better off player number wise than you otherwise would have been. Don't screw this up by doing something stupid like dying.
* If you are a Counter-Terrorist and the bomb is dropped, inform your team immediately. If the bomb is dropped in your favour, everybody on the Counter-Terrorist side needs to converge on that area via the safest possible path as quickly as possible and camp the bomb from the best positions available in that area.
* As Counter-Terrorist, relay to your team the bomb carriers location if you know where they are, or the fact that you have spotted the Terrorists but do not see the bomb carrier.
* Don't defend the bombsites as Counter-Terrorists exactly the same way, every round. You need some variety to your defence, or the Terrorists will wise up (if they even remotely clever) and you will get picked off with grenades, or shot through a wall.
* Don't be afraid to stack a bombsite (especially if you can get away with it unseen) if the Terrorists keep taking the same bombsite successfully. Alternatively, change your players around and put your best, or most in form players in that part of the map.
* If you get rushed, use flashes to buy yourself time for re-enforcement's to arrive, or to allow you time to escape. Throw in front of rushing enemy to slow the rush down, or to thin their numbers out, to reduce the numbers that you have to deal with at any one time.
* Don't die to 4-5 man Terrorist rushes, unless you have a really good spot, it's better to fall back and have 5 Counter-Terrorists to take back the bombsite than to die needlessly.
* If you cannot defuse the bomb in time, or even get close enough to the bomb in time, stake the bomb site out to pick off fleeing Terrorists. At the very least, and this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, try to make as many of Terrorists as possible buy again the next round.
* This piece of advice is for both sides, if it is not possible to win the round, make the other team suffer as much as possible by killing as many enemy as you can, or have them die to an exploding bomb, to try to ruin their economy as much as possible. This can make or break clans in wars. eg. If a Clan wins a round and BUY UP and wins again, their players might have around $3000. If they win again without dying, each player on the winning team will have over $6000, if they win the round but die, they will now use up most of the $6000 they had, restocking guns, grenades and armour.
* If you have ECO'ed and are completely out gunned, but still have 5 people left, and the bombsite permits this type of strat, don't even attempt to defuse the bomb as a Counter-Terrorist, but attempt to keep the Terrorists boxed into the bombsite so the bomb explosion kills them. You were most likely going to lose the round anyway, but having all the Terrorists die, forces them to rebuy from scratch, therefore forcing the Terrorists into a likely ECO round if you win the next round after this one. Of course don't do this if its the last round of the half or sudden death round.
* If its 2 v 5, and bomb in planted don't try to defuse, unless it is the last round of the half or sudden death and you have nothing to lose, meet up and camp a position outside bomb site to pick off as many Terrorists as possible.
* If there 1v5, unless it is the last round of the half or sudden death and you have nothing to lose, and you have a good gun and/or armour, run away and hide, or pick safe camping spot to pick off fleeing Terrorists.
* The fastest beeping sounds of the bomb timer means you have approx 7 seconds left to defuse, don't even bother if you don't have a defuse kit. It takes 5 second to defuse with a defuse kit, 10 seconds to defuse without a defuse kit. The defuse timer has to be over 1/3 the way along before the fast beeps start if you are defusing without a kit, otherwise you die.
* If the bomb is planted, as a Counter-Terrorist, don't try to enter the bombsite alone. Try to organise yourselves quickly, look up on scoreboard at how many Terrorists are left and announce via voice comms numbers and likely locations, then communicate what grenades you have, your entry point, and which direction you will head when you enter the bombsite. Grenade and Flash at the same time, and enter bomb site together, and head for your designated point to attack first, so you aren't all aiming for the 1 guy while rest of the opposition shoot you all in the back. This is difficult to do, unless you practise a lot, but it will be the difference between thinking you are good and actually being good, and can prove it. Really good clans have all this stuff prearranged with way points and entry timing and they are left only calling enemy positions. Most clans panic when the bomb has been planted. How quickly and smoothly you can retake a bomb site is an excellent demonstration of your clans skill level.
* Try to kill all Terrorists before you begin defusing.
* If you have time, check corners for hidden campers, waiting for you to start defusing.
* Announce the fact to your team that you have a defuse kit.
* Let the person with the defuse kit defuse the bomb no matter what. If they kill the bomb defuser the defuse kit will be on top of the bomb.
* If you are going to defuse, call out loudly that you are going to go for the defuse, to make sure you don't have 4 of your team running for the bomb and you all get shot in the back by the one hidden terrorist.
* Do not stand there watching the defuser, defuse the bomb. Watch the possible points from where the remaining Terrorists will appear from instead. Far too many people do this simple thing wrong.
* Use Flashbangs & Smoke Grenades to COVER and buy your bomb defuser time to defuse the bomb.
* Leave your defusing until the last second, so the Terrorists must stay near bomb site and even if they kill you, the bomb still goes off and kills them, forcing them to BUY UP.
* Crouch when defusing, you are a smaller target.
* COVER the bomb defuser, by surrounding him from points where he can be attacked. If there is no opposition left, run away in case he stuffs up, or it is close.
* Don't chase the last Terrorist(s) that are miles away from the bomb site, if the bomb has been planted. They will not usually be an immediate threat, so defuse the bomb or help COVER your bomb defuser. There is a good chance that this lone Terrorist will kill you and then kill the bomb defuser straight after they have defused the bomb, because the bomb defuser will be in a poor position if the bomb is planted correctly and/or just not ready to take on an opponent, so what should be an easy round win ends up being a round win that costs you more than it should have. An example of this is Counter-Terrorists chasing a Terrorist who is up the ladder in the Terrorist Sniper Nest or in the tunnel below it on Inferno after the bomb has been planted.
* Use your Smoke and Flashbang Grenades for cover and to slow approaching Terrorists while you are trying to defuse.
* To summarise the order you should select personal (assuming you have time and options) to defuse:
1. Person closest to the bomb with Defuse Kit and most health and most money and weakest member of team
2. Person closest to the bomb with Defuse Kit and most health and most money
3. Person closest to the bomb with Defuse Kit and most health
4. Person closest to the bomb with Defuse Kit
5. Person closest to the bomb
* When faking a defuse, to lure out the final Terrorist protecting the bomb, it is important not to make any movement sounds, and to try to cover the most likely position the Terrorist will come from. Use advice from your dead team mates over voice comms for the likely location of the final Terrorist.

When fake defusing the bomb, there are many things to consider first:
1. If you fake defuse the bomb is it going to help me at all? If there is more then 1 Terrorist left there is really no point. Any decent team will only send one team mate to check if its a real defuse, and even if you did manage to kill him, you still have to fake another player out. There really is no time since the player you killed can just tell his team mate if you fake again or not. Alternative, they may send 2 in at the same time in a co-ordinated fashion from different directions, if they are setup well.
2. How much time is left? Depending on how much time is left on the bomb, will help you decide what to do. If the bomb is just planted, and if you have a kit, you have about 20-25 seconds to work with. It's often much better to go in search for the Terrorist as you will get a better idea of where they are or are not, if you have to fake defuse. A lot of the time you can suprise a Terrorist by slowing walking around and catching him watching another line. If you have less then 15 seconds you can do 2 things.

a) Fake the defuse in hope he will peak and you can snap him.
b) Try a real defuse in hope he thinks you have faked and you might get it.

3. Weapons: This can depend on what weapon you and your enemy have. For example if the other team is on full eco and you fake defuse the worst that will happen is someone will peek with a glock. This makes it very easy for you to either continue defusing or just turn and shoot him. So think about what gun your enemy has/may have and decide on the best idea

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CS:Source War Strat Guide Pt.5
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