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 CS:Source War Strat Guide Pt.6

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PostSubject: CS:Source War Strat Guide Pt.6   Wed Jul 18, 2007 10:44 am

Source Notes:

* The maps are considerably more complex than they are for 1.6. The basic layouts have remained the same, but there are now a lot more nooks and crannies that have to be checked or taken into consideration when moving around the map, and objects strewn all over the place that restrict your movement and require avoiding.
* All Source Grenades follow a flatter trajectory than their 1.6 counterparts.
* All Source Grenades do not fly as far as they do in 1.6.
* All Source Grenades do not bounce anything like their 1.6 counterparts do when banking them off walls and objects. Sometimes they bounce more, sometimes they bounce less.
* All Source Grenades fly through the air a lot faster than their 1.6 counterparts.
* HE Greandes do no damage if you hit somebody with them. They do damage people when they explode though.
* Flashbang Grenades do damage if you hit somebody with them.
* Smoke Grenades do damage to armour if you hit somebody with them.
* Flashbangs blind and deafen you and causes your screen to show a picture (an after image of what you were viewing at the time the flashbang went off) that does not accurately reflect reality.
* Turning away from FlashBangs doesn't do anything to avoid the FlashBang effect
* HE Grenades are more powerful, and also deafen you.
* HE Grenade blasts do not penetrate walls.
* Smoke Grenades are back to the older 1.3 version where they take longer to fully display the smoke, but is thicker than 1.6, and tactically more useful.
* 2 Smoke Grenades thrown on top of the bomb, will make the bomb and anybody defusing it, impossible to see.
* You can see where to aim through smoke by aiming at the oppositions muzzle flashes. If you are spamming through smoke make sure you move after each volley, otherwise you will get picked off.
* Use the fact that Grenades deafen the opposition to cover your footsteps.
* Grenades will eliminate the momentum of a player who is in mid air if it hits them.
* Grenades can be recovered from dead players from either team, so it can be worthwhile keeping and eye out for them, even going so far as using your own supply up, so you can pick them up to deny the opposition access to them, otherwise you may find them being used against you!
* The recoil patterns are different to 1.6.
* Knifing is completely different to 1.6. Don't ask me how it is different, it just is.
* Footsteps are a lot quieter and very difficult to pick up.
* Shadows enabled allow you to see people well before you come around the corner, so be on the lookout for them. Left Hand Side, going down Dark Stairs on Dust2 is a classic example. Be aware that your good camping spot can be given away by your shadow, so know which spots cast shadows that will give your location away. Currently you will need your teammates to tell you what spots cast shadows that enable you to be seen and from where, as you cannot see your own shadow.
* Be aware of the locations and positions you are in, where shadow clipping bugs occur.
* Hold the fire button down outside the defuse area and the bomb will automatically arm as soon as you get within the bomb planting area. You really should know where you ought to be planting before you even play in a war, but it's still useful.
* The Bomb Planted beeps now can be heard from a lot further away now.
* The defuse sound is no longer as audible as it used to be at distance. You have to be considerably closer than in 1.6 to use the defuse sound as a cue to engage the bomb defuser. In most cases you will see them, well before you can hear the defuse sound cue.
* The way people move through the air is different than when they jump in 1.6. You need to be aware of this when trying to aim at people jumping around.
* Ambient Sounds which cannot be turned off in Source, can cover your footsteps to a certain degree.
* Many walls cannot be shot through like they could in 1.6, although the edges of them usually can be. Don't waste ammo trying to spam people through the wall like you would in 1.6, it will get you killed.
* Most doors and boxes can still be shot through as in 1.6.
* Objects on the maps provide significant amounts of tactical uses, either for the benefit of blocking a choke point, making it more difficult to locate and defuse the bomb, showing that the opposition have passed through a particular area, used to fake the fact you have passed through a particular area.
* Many objects cannot be walked over or jumped on top of, even though normal visual inspection would cause you to assume otherwise, eg. Car Tire, Barrels.
* Doing a "crouch-jump-crouch" will enable you to get on top of boxes that a normal jump-crouch cannot reach.
* It is a lot more difficult to tell the 2 teams apart, especially at a distance compared to 1.6. You really need to learn to use your radar well!.
* The Netcode for Source is a lot better than it used to be with just a couple of issues remaining.
* The Ammo stays with the Gun in Source. If you buy a gun for a Team mate buy Ammo for it as well if you can afford to. It also has the effect that you cannot pick up extra ammo buy picking up and dropping guns.
* Don't camp hard up against thin walls on Source Maps, your models textures will clip straight through the wall and you are easily visible. Walls that are this thin are usually able to be shot through in Source.
* The knife and pistol has the same running speed (currently) in Source. Always run with pistol out rather than knife as opposed to CS 1.6. The Scout actually allows the fastest movement.
* The Galil & Famas has slower running speed (deliberately by Valve) than other rifles of the same class.
* Most guns like Pistols besides the Desert Eagle can now shoot through doors.
* Crouching puts your point of view at a standing models knee height, or a crouching models crotch height. When you crouch, your head is more than likely still visible to standing players around you. Learn the areas where it is completely useless to crouch as you are still visible to other players, but you cannot see them. is now fixed as of 25AUG2006.
* The Radar is significantly different to CS 1.6, and is much more complicated to use as of 25AUG2006.


* All of the above might sound like a lot, but the more you practice, the better you will be at it, and the more you will be able to soak up the information and act accordingly.
* To practice your aim try http://www.missionred.com/ and choose Reflex_2 if you can get past level 10 then your aim won't be the reason you lose. Also you can play Quake 3 CPMA one of the fastest FPS there is. Both of these will improve your aim and reflexes.
* I acknowledge there are contradictions in this document, mainly due to the fact that what will work in one situation may not work in another. In the end you have to use your own judgement as to what you are going to do, depending upon the situation you are in, how many players are alive on your team, their condition and what weapons you have. Experience is your best guide.

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CS:Source War Strat Guide Pt.6
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