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 CS:Source War Strat Guide Pt.8

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PostSubject: CS:Source War Strat Guide Pt.8   CS:Source War Strat Guide Pt.8 Icon_minitimeWed Jul 18, 2007 10:48 am

Counter-Strike Source RCON Commands:

* rcon_password rcon password here (Gives RCON ACCESS for the person who enters this correctly)
* rcon sv_password new client password here (Sets new Client password you use to get into the server)
* rcon say "say something via RCON here" (This is how you say something via rcon and you must use the "quotes" or it will look bad)
* rcon mp_restartgame 1 (Restarts level in 1 second)
* rcon mp_restartgame 3 (Restarts level in 3 second)
* rcon changelevel "War Map Name" (Changes server to War Map Name, see below for correct names of maps)
* rcon kickid #user (Kicks user by the user number)
* rcon kickid STEAM_X:X:XXXXX" (Kicks user by the STEAM/UNIQUE ID)
* rcon kick "playername" (Kicks user by 'playername')
* rcon banid 10 STEAM_X:X:XXXXX kick (Bans and Kicks player by STEAM_ID for 10 minutes)
* rcon removeip x.x.x.x (Removes automatic IP Ban of somebody who forgets to put the RCON Password in, but tried to use RCON)
* rcon status (Shows a complete list of players with all their details)
* rcon stats (Shows server CPU usage and FrameRate, and useful when trying to work out if you server has a problem)
* rcon quit Quits the server. (Useful if you have really screwed things up and don't know how to fix it)

Abuse of rcon kick and rcon banid (on GameArena) will result in the person abusing RCON being banned from The Arena!

EVERYTHING is logged, so don't think we won't catch up with you when somebody complains!

Before running scripts that execute any rcon commands, do a rcon say TEST and the server should repeat the word TEST back to you. If it does not, you have not entered the correct rcon password.

If you try to use rcon repeatedly (like using a script) without the correct password, your IP address will be banned from that server for 10-15 minutes.

Once the server unbans you, do not attempt to use RCON for the remainder of the time the server is up, even with the correct password, you will most likely get banned again. Bugs in HLDS, go figure?

You can be unbanned manually by having somebody else (who has entered the correct rcon password) issue the rcon removeip x.x.x.x command where x.x.x.x is your real Internet IP address.

War Map Names

* de_aztec
* de_cbble
* de_dust
* de_dust2
* de_inferno
* de_nuke
* de_prodigy
* de_train

We would probably use CPL maps if there was any CPL presence/support in Australia, but that the moment there is nothing, so its a bit pointless using CPL maps. How about a bit of CPL love? Smile

Other Server Settings

* rcon mp_allowspectators 1 (0=Disables Spectators, 1=Allows Spectators)
* rcon mp_autoteambalance (0 Disables Team AutoBalancing, 1=Auto Balance the Teams)
* rcon mp_buytime 0.5 (The amount of time in minutes you are allowed to buy after the end of the freezetime. 0.5 = half of a minute)
* rcon mp_c4timer 35 (The amount of time in seconds from when the C4 is armed until it blows)
* rcon mp_fadetoblack 1 (0=Disables Fade to Black, 1=Fade to Black On)
* rcon mp_forcecamera 1 (0=Disabled, 1=On in team first person view, 2=Locked to death position)
* rcon mp_freezetime 7 (The amount of time in seconds the players are frozen for at start of the round)
* rcon mp_friendlyfire 1 (0=Friendly Fire Disabled, 1=Friendly Fire Enabled)
* rcon mp_limitteams (0=Disable Limiting of Teams, Any other number = Max # of players 1 team can have over another)
* rcon mp_maxrounds 999 (Maximum number of rounds to play before server changes maps)
* rcon mp_roundtime 1.75 (The number of minutes each round takes, in this case 1 Minute and 45 Seconds)
* rcon mp_startmoney 800 (The Amount of money each player gets upon a map restart)
* rcon mp_timelimit 999 (The Amount of time in Minutes the map will run for)
* rcon mp_tkpunish (0=Disables Team Kill Punishment, 1=Disables Team Kill Punishment)
* rcon mp_winlimit 999 (The Maximum Amount of Rounds that one team can win before the map changes)
* rcon exec war.cfg (Automatically sets the proper settings for a clan war, assuming the server has the file. All GameArena GameCreate servers have this)
* rcon exec lo3.cfg (Starts the Live on Three restarts for the start of the clan war, assuming the server has the file. All GameArena GameCreate servers have this)

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CS:Source War Strat Guide Pt.8
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