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 CS:Source War Strat Guide Pt.10

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PostSubject: CS:Source War Strat Guide Pt.10   Wed Jul 18, 2007 10:52 am

Other Notes:

* When warring, take a screenshot of "rcon status" to get the STEAM_ID and IP address of people playing.
* Record demos of your wars to review later, either for hacking accusations or to see what you could have done better or show everybody how 1337 you are. Do this so you can share them amongst your own clan, and can see how people are good in a particular spot, aim and throw grenades, etc. Use the 1 Key Demo script shown above, so you can take demos without having to think too hard about it.
* Review the HLTV demos of the top clans and clans you are going to challenge in the GameArena Counter-Strike Ladder.
* You can download these HLTV demos from GameArena Counter-Strike Files.
* Everything explained above, is more or less valid for Public (Pub) Server Play as well, if you want to try that hard! I personally use pub to practice movement/positioning, and just plain old aiming!
* Any feedback you might have about this guide, feel free to post a message in this thread on the GameArena Counter-Strike Forum. (GameArena Login Required)
* People who ask me in a war what I mean when I call anything I have explained in this document will get tk'ed. (This part was put in originally to see if people actually bothered to read the entire document when it first came out)

TJ's Section for Pub n00bs:

These are a ramblings of a man who is better than Whisper.

* a good player is thorough in checking spots but doesnt dwell on doing so.
* practice every map, dust2 isnt the be all and end all. in fact being d2 stars only makes you look stupid.
* if you want to be really good in the end, get used to playing on different keyboards, chairs, amount of space.
* use of appropriate placed stacks are very benefical to counter predictable strats. use them as a break to your normal setup.
* assign same pairs/trios regularly. ie; bob and john play B on dust2, and hold B on inferno. bob and john always work together on terrorists in 'pick' strats. benefical in developing teamwork quickly.
* brains over brawn, but dont get carried away in outsmarting if you dont have the time.
* one of the most common mistakes by a team is to retake one at a time, making it easy for the opposition to gun you down. have patience, wait to go as a team.
* have patience. period.

Shak's List of Essential Peripherals for the Serious Gamer

Firstly, I'd just like to say that these are things which you need to look into, you may not think that it will make much difference, however the small things can really help your game. Everything seems adequate until you try something that surprises you.

As with everything find something that suits you, don't just look at the first one and decide on it, look at reviews, if you know people who have them try it out.

Mousemat - buying a proper gaming mat can make a lot of difference. I recently acquired a Steelpad 5L. These mats are designed specifically to keep your mouse moving at the right pace, and getting the full sensitivity of your mouse's sensor out of them, places to look are:

* Steelpad
* Icemat
* Everglide
* Razer
* Func Industries
* QPad

Gaming Mouse - there are mice, and there are mice. The three main competitors are Microsoft (the Intellimouse range, with the v3.0 being regarded as possibly the best gaming mouse ever), Razer (the people who brought ball-mice back into fashion), and Logitech (the pioneers of optical mice, with the G5 having a possible 2000dpi). With mice, find one which is comfortable, and has the right sensitivity for the game you are likely to be playing. I'm waiting on a delivery of a G5, the main reason I bought this mouse is that it has the revolutionary feature of a weighting system. You can put weights into the bottom of the mouse to affect how it handles and feels. Generally speaking, the higher the sensitivity of the mouse, the lower you can set in-game sensitivity and the more accurate you will be over small movements.

When setting up in-game sensitivity it's down to personal preference, but the best piece of advice I got was to set it up so that a flick of the wrist either way turns you 180 degrees.

* Microsoft
* Logitech
* Razer

Gaming Keyboards - Gaming Keyboards are a relatively new concept but they do allow for much more flexibility with counter-strike source binds. Keyboards such as the Logitech G15 has leds in each key for night time gaming also include a small lcd in which you can display certain counterstrike statistics. The extra 18 "G" keys allow you to set all those binds that you dont really need but would be handy in counter-strike source.

* Logitech

Sound - Headsets are the future, although having an expensive speaker arrangement giving you true 3D sound may seem more immersive and intuitive, there are four good reasons I can think of for getting a headset:

* It gives you better pinpoint accuracy soundwise, being closer to the sound really makes a difference when you are shooting through walls at people in 1.6 or tracking sounds
* It gives you a greater sensitivity, softer sounds can be heard better like the reloading of a gun, or where a bomb is planted
* If you are serious about CS and want to attend LAN competitions, speakers are not allowed in order to not distract other players, so you should get used to the difference of sound with headphones
* Headset microphones are more consistent and easier to use

Although a cheap headset may suffice, the sensitivity of more expensive headsets is easily apparent. I use a set of Sennheiser PC-155s which come with a USB soundcard, you can plug them into any computer and they instantly work. The sound card is made especially for the headphones and so they are much better, I find, than other sets. The two big players (as far as the ones which major clans use) are Plantronics, Sennheiser and BeyerDynamic.

* Sennheiser
* Plantronics
* BeyerDynamic

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CS:Source War Strat Guide Pt.10
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