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 Evos Pub Guide

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PostSubject: Evos Pub Guide   Evos Pub Guide Icon_minitimeWed Jul 18, 2007 10:57 am

Evo's pub strats:

For the inner n00b in all of us!

For the sake of us who are new to the game, or just like to get cheap kills in pubs, here's a non-competitive tip guide to surviving in public servers.

- Stick Together: Always team up with one or more people in a pub. If they can't help you get some frags and accomplish the objective, it will at least give the enemy someone besides yourself to shoot at.

- WALK: Use the walk key (normally Shift) to get around quietly when you think enemies are nearby. Walking makes you completely silent (unless you make noise by reloading or equipping your knife), and it lets you hear the enemy much better.

- Use your SOUND: Good headphones are a great investment. Listen to the direction enemies are coming from, listen to where the gunfire is, and get the jump on the enemy.

- Learn to use grenades: The most imporatant item you have at your disposal, with the exception of your primary weapon, is grenades. Go into a server by yourself and throw them in the air, against walls, the floor, etc, and find out how they behave. A well placed flash can save your life in a firefight, and a precise HE nade can be deadly.

- Shoot through walls: Many walls in CS:Source can be fired through with rifles. Also, double doors on Aztec, Dust, Dust2, etc... can be fired through with ANY weapon, including pistols. If you see someone peeking at the double doors, fire away! Most rifles also shoot through wooden boxes, and the corners of walls.

- Camp: Don't be the first one to run into a firefight! Be smart, hang back, poke your head out for a shot or two here or there, but don't be the guy to charge into a group of enemies. You can be much more productive in a pub by finding a good spot, or area, and patrol it. DO NOT camp if you are a CT on a hostage rescue map, or a T on a bomb map.

- Charge: If you find the other team isn't defending part of the map, go for the flank. Often times on maps like dust2, terrorists will leave half the map open for a flanking rush. If you see the terrorists going A most times, rush through B, through T-Spawn, and catch them from behind as the push into A!

- Talk to your team: Get a mic, or use your keyboard or radio commands. Let your team know where the enemy is, how many there are, where the bomb/hostages are, etc... Chances are someone will come to your aid, and make things a lot easier.

- Manage money: When pubbing, it's not a bad idea to just not buy anything for a round to save money. Just take your pistol, an extra clip of ammo, and camp the round out. Next round, you'll have at least an extra $2500 dollars to play with, even if your team loses the round.

- Have fun: Just remember, pubbing is pretty much for kicks and to hone some of your skills. You won't get any trophys or even a pat on the back for acing a round. Equally, no one will care if you go 1-16. So just have fun, learn the game, and kick ass when you can.

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Evos Pub Guide
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