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 FPS Tweaks

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PostSubject: FPS Tweaks   FPS Tweaks Icon_minitimeWed Jul 18, 2007 10:59 am

Listed first are many console commands that help improve Frames per Second (while degrading video quality). Farther down are instructions on creating an autoexec.cfg file to load all those console commands every time you start CS:S.

Console commands:

<-- FPS Helpers-->

cl_smooth 0 -- a little less beauty, but 5-10 more fps
fog_enable 0 -- removes the fog, better fps and visability
mat_specular 0 -- removes specular lighting but may yield fps gain
mat_bumpmap 0 -- removes bumpmapping, but yields a substantial fps gain
mat_clipz 0 -- water wuality taken off, more fps (-dxlevel 90 -clipz 0 in command line)
mat_mipmaptextures 0 -- makes textures lose their quality with distance, more fps
mp_decals 300 and less -- how much stuff will be kept in memory like bullet holes in walls, lesser = better performance
r_decal_cullsize 1 -- makes textures look good only when you get close, better fps
r_lod -1 -- worse texture quality, big fps boost
r_propsmaxdist 1000 and less -- less objects fading distance = better performance
r_rainradius 0 -- as i understand it, you won't see the rain
r_rainsimulate 1 -- disables rain, thus more fps
r_rainsplashpercentage 0 -- no splashes on the water from the rain

<-- Useful Tweaks-->

cl_crosshairscale (number) -- changes your crosshair size in-game
cl_interp 0 -- only way to get sv_showhitboxes 1 to register hitboxes in same place as model
cl_interpolate 0 -- same as before, to use together
cl_showfps 1 -- shows your current fps in upper right corner
con_enable 1 -- enables console
jpeg_quality 100 -- 100% quality screenshots that you take
mat_show_texture_memory_usage 1 -- puts a nifty little thing in ur top right screen that shows how much memory (in kilobytes) is being taken up by textures
perfvisualbenchmark -- built in benchmarking utility
showhitlocation 1 -- shows where you're hit
soundscape_fadetime 9999 and soundscape_flush -- works similar to "stopsound" command from goldsource.
cl_setautobuy weapon -- this will set 'autobuy' - buy: weapon of your choice (for weapon names check autobuy.txt in cstrike directory, this is good for making 1 key buy all you need buy aliases)
autobuy -- you just bought a weapon(s) you chose in cl_setautobuy

More command line statements:

-heapsize (number) -- dependant on the amount of ram you have (usually you should put the half of the full ammount), it may increase fps
-nojoy -- i heard it could boost a little the game load speed
-noipx -- same thing
-console -- duh, console...

This is my own addition, and it has nothing to do with reducing FPS, but its a cool effect:

cl_ragdoll_collide 1

It makes dead bodies pile on top of eachother rather than overlapping.

Using cl_interp

Ok, I'm going to explain how to use and the benifits of cl_interp. Basically, when you play any game online it uses packets to send the info like everything else on the internet. Like everything else there is a time space between each packet. what CS, is estimate where the person will be during this "no packet" time period. You can use cl_interp to more accurately tell cs how long this time period is, thus making models and hitboxes appear more accuratly with thier server side counterparts(the ones that count!) For example, if i had a ping of 40 on the beloved HPSF server, i would set my cl_interp to 0.06 and if i had a ping of 140, i would set it to 0.16 and so on. You just take your ping add 2 to the tens place, and put the decimals as i stated above. This makes it easier to hit what your shooting at and elminates the lagging hitbox issue.

Creating an autoexec.cfg

Ok, in your CS config folder (found at a string similiar to C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\youremail@whatever.com\counter-strike source\cstrike\cfg) create a text file. In that text file you can place any commands that CS:Source won't save in your config for whatever reason. For example this is whats in my file:

cl_c4dynamiclight 1
fog_enable 0
cl_interp 0.06
cl_smooth 0
mat_specular 0
mat_bumpmap 0

After putting your commands in, simplt save the file as autoexec.cfg. Everytime a map loads CS:Source will automatically run this cfg and execute each command. Makes launching quick and easy, and without having to put in a bunch of stuff by hand everytime i go to play.

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FPS Tweaks
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