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PostSubject: m0b_d33p   m0b_d33p Icon_minitimeSat Jul 21, 2007 3:54 pm

Real Name: Chris
Date of Birth: 03/03/89
Email Address: wasted_4sure@hotmail.com
Connection Speed: Cable
X-Fire Login (if appropriate): Emerican21
In-game login name (for buddy lists): M0b_d33p
Previous Clans & Guilds / Clan & Guild Experience: FTP and Born to Kill
How/where you found out about us: Friend
Why you want to join us: Cause i just quit WoW and i need something to direct my nerdiness into.
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PostSubject: Re: m0b_d33p   m0b_d33p Icon_minitimeSat Jul 21, 2007 6:37 pm

welcome mob deep and thanks for showing interest in our clan we welcome you into our community hope to see you out there pwning it ..ps copy and paste this tag next to your name

Trip6Gaming 24/7 Dust2/Office[16K|Music|HlstatsX]
28 Man 100TIC Public:
Forums: http://trip666gaming.users-board.net
Ventrilo: vent3.gameservers.com:4705
Leader : Б|LoKe^
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