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Usefull Links  CAL/CPL/TWL/CEVO/OGL/ESEA Empty
PostSubject: Usefull Links CAL/CPL/TWL/CEVO/OGL/ESEA   Usefull Links  CAL/CPL/TWL/CEVO/OGL/ESEA Icon_minitimeSun Jul 22, 2007 9:56 pm

Quick Reference Links

Official Counter-Strike:Source Website:Click to visit

Official CS:S FAQs:Click to visit

Cyber Athelete Amateur League (CAL):Click to visit

CAL FAQs:Click to visit

CAL Official Files (maps, configs, and Zblock):Click to visit

CAL Beginners Guide (Introduction on how CAL works):Click to visit

CAL Exploit Handbook (stuff NOT to do):Click to visit

CAL Mouse Optimization Guide:Click to visit

Link to Download CPL Mouse Fix:Click to visit

Cyber Athlete Professional League (CPL):Click to visit

CyberEvolution (CEVO):Click to visit

E-Sports Entertainment Association (ESEA):Click to visit

CSS Basic Strats:Click to visit

Online Gaming League (OGL):Click to visit

TeamWarfare League (TWL):Click to visit

Championship Gaming Series (CGS):Click to visit

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