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PostSubject: Ghost   Ghost Icon_minitimeFri Jul 06, 2007 3:23 pm

Game applied for: Counter-Strike:Source

Real Name: Sean
Date of Birth: 16 (06/26/91)
Email Address: sbuesing@charter.net
Connection Speed: 3MB Charter
X-Fire Login (if appropriate): ghostxtse
In-game login name (for buddy lists): ^Ġнoѕτ- (weird letters)
Previous Clans & Guilds / Clan & Guild Experience:
Cal-O and TWL exp. Been in a number of clans but most have broken up because of bad leadership
How/where you found out about us: Phoenix,Vendetta,Thomas
Why you want to join us: To be with friends, to have fun and to play Cal with great people Smile

Thanks for taking the time to read my App Smile
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