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 CS:Source Strat Guide Pt.6

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PostSubject: CS:Source Strat Guide Pt.6   Tue Jul 17, 2007 9:17 pm

VI. Game Preparation

1. Brightness: Adjust your settings to fit every map. Because each map has its own characteristics, different settings will be need to optimize gameplay. A map such as Havana is very dark in much of the areas and thus your monitorís brightness should be higher than normal. On the lighter, Dust maps a much lower brightness level can be used without affecting your game. I donít however recommend that one play Counterstrike with their brightness set very low. If you play like this, itís unlikely that youíll see anyone.

2. Rest: Do not play when youíre too tired or just awakening. If you wake up and want to play Counterstrike, Iíd suggest taking a shower and refreshing yourself before playing. A nice warm shower will open your eyes and heighten your senses. On the other hand, playing Counterstrike for a lengthy period of time and growing tired will decrease your playing ability. If you care about your statistics and reputation donít play if you need sleep. Likewise, if you notice your skills declining stop playing for a while and re-gather yourself.

3. Temperature: I have found that most people are affected by the temperature of their surroundings. Almost daily youíll see someone state how their hands are freezing. Cold hands are probably the biggest threat to a personís gameplay. Oneís body loses warmth constantly and the first to lose heat is the extremities. Using freezing hands to play Counterstrike is similar to playing with your feet. Reaction time will be far, far slower when your hands are this way. Too much heat, on the other hand, isnít good either. Becoming irritable and starting to sweat causes stress and a ďslipĒ in performance [See below for more information on ďslipĒ]

4. Food: Eating during play is up to the gamer, but I donít suggest eating some foods. Greasy food such as pizza will cause both a slick mouse and a dirty keyboard. Nobody wants an unclean computer, but the damage will must likely be in gameplay. Trying to click your mouse when your fingers are either greasy or sweaty is a difficult task. You will not maintain solid contact with the fire button and thus you will often misfire. To prevent from having a slick system I recommend either not eating or constantly washing you hands. Cleaning with soap and water will dry your hands and improve your accuracy. Despite foodsí influence to gameplay, one must eat if playing for a lengthy time. If one does not eat they will grow physically weak and their body will tire. As I stated, itís all up to the gamer, but if you want to eat while playing choose something with little crumbs and little grease.

5. Exercise: Before starting to play, I generally begin with a tapping regiment. Sure this may sound a bit strange, but drumming your fingers in different patterns helps out profoundly. Try rolling all your digits up and down, back and forth until they feel loose and ready to rock-and-roll. Stiff fingers will cause a drop in reaction time and fire effectiveness. In order to play Counterstrike you will need to use each hand simultaneously and with great precision. Because looking down at your keyboard will result in your demise, one must memorize the keys. This will come to a player after hours of playing CS. Iíve been often commented to have incredible movement skills. I accept this compliment because I am able to fly around the keyboard and multi-task. If you have heightened hand-eye
coordination you will probably succeed at Counterstrike, much like me.

6. Watch: After you die in Counterstrike, youíll go to a spectator mode in which you can watch those left alive. Use this time to study your opponentís every move. If a particular enemy player is fairing well, observe where they go and how they act. Not only can you learn how a certain person behaves, but an entire team. If youíre wondering how your team is being annihilated, ascertain the other teamís strategies and tactics.

VII. Various Strategy Topics:

Shot Selection:

There are three types of firing methods in Counterstrike: full auto, burst, and single shot. Each should be used in different situations. The advantage of fully automatic firing is that youíll spray rounds in the enemyís direction at maximum clip. However, your accuracy will be greatly diminished holding down the fire button. Example: youíre pointing at an opponent point-blank. Here, youíre likely to go full auto and hit them only a few times. [Hint: because of each gunís recoil, aim slightly downward when firing fully automatic. Your shots will jump upwards and aiming low might give you a better chance of hitting your opponent.] There are two methods of burst fire; fixed and manual. Some weapons have built-in burst fire modes, such as the Glock and the FAMAS. These particular weapons will shoot 3 rounds at a time when on this setting, while maintaining good accuracy. However, any gun can be fired in burst, simply hold the fire button down for short periods of time. I recommend using this shot selection when fighting long-to-medium range. The final type of shot selection is single shot. While basically self-explanatory, single shot is probably the most successful way to kill an opponent. Although you wonít be able to shoot as many shots as full auto or burst, you wonít have to. Clicking then waiting for your crosshairs to tighten will result the greatest accuracy you gun can have. As a result, youíll be wasting fewer rounds and hitting at a higher percentage. This final type of shot selection shouldnít be used in close combat situations. [Hint: when you spot an enemy a distance away, donít panic and start spraying bullets. Instead, crouch and aim your shots before you fire.]

One Man Army:

Often times in Counterstrike youíll find it necessary to become a ďone man army.Ē When everyone else is dead and youíre left to face multiple enemies, one has to draw upon their skills. For a beginner, this task is daunting, but experienced players see this situation as a challenge. In original CS, I could take out an entire team of nine players by my lonesome. Unfortunately the aiming system in Source is a bit more complex and Iím only able to take on six at the most. However, I donít expect most people to accomplish that task, not without much playing experience. As the last person on your team you have an advantage; any footsteps you hear will be the enemy. You should try separating the opposing force because if fought all at once, youíll surely perish. Methodically eliminate one player then move onto the next. [Hint: once you kill an enemy, move to another spot. The others alive will see their teammate drop from radar and know where youíre located.]


Flanking an opponent is another name for stealthily coming up from their behind. This strategy, if executed successfully will lead to many easy kills. Despite its rewards, flanking is very difficult and should only be attempted by those possessing adequate skills. In order to flank, youíll have to guess which way the enemy team is going to travel and go the opposite. However, because teams split up and travel every way during a map you will meet some enemies on your way. If you can manage to eliminate these few, youíll be able to shoot the others in the back. [Hint: in order to be successful flanking each map, you must know the other teamís strategy and guess your routes correctly.]


Many kills are enabled by timing of movement and firing. If youíre in a firefight with an enemy and neither of you have killed the other, conserve your ammunition. Wait until your enemy is reloading and then use your remaining shots to finish them off. Timing is also important when throwing grenades. You donít want to have a grenade in hand when an enemy comes into site. Once youíve played many hours in Counterstrike, timing will be learned. Until then watch those who are performing the best, as they can show you what to do and when.

Thanks for taking the time to read this strat guide we hope it will help you up your game dramatically and make a better smarter player.

Credits:Christian aaltonen Clan[PAF]

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CS:Source Strat Guide Pt.6
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