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 CS:Source War Strat Guide Pt.7

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PostSubject: CS:Source War Strat Guide Pt.7   CS:Source War Strat Guide Pt.7 Icon_minitimeWed Jul 18, 2007 10:47 am

Very Basic Buying Strats:

The buy strats are very very basic. They are here to introduce newer players to certain concepts involving the economics of Counter-Strike. Furthermore, they usually will not hurt you that badly to follow them anyway, not unless your playing a really good clan, in which case you don't need my buy strats, you ought to know your own off by heart, or you are going to get whipped regardless.

1st Round:

Counter-Terrorist, is usually 1 HE, 1 Flash, 1 Defuse Kit, 1 extra clip ammo for 3 players the rest get 2 Flash and no defuse for re-taking bomb sites. Sometimes you may want to mix it up with guys who have armour. Suffice it to say, you do not need 5 defuse kits amongst your entire team for the first round.

Terrorist, is usually Glock armour for majority with 1 or 2 getting grenades and those with grenades are shepherded by the ones with armour. i.e. 2 Armour guys at the front, 1 Armour guy at back. Alternatively, you get 2 with Glock armour, 2 with Grenades, 1 with DE or USP, or some combination of these.

2nd Round:

1st Round Win (1-0)

For 2nd round MP5 it

You don't buy a rifle, cause if you die, you give opposition your rifle and they can then win that round.

Use extra flashes either to defend planted bomb or to get you into a bombsite

WARNING: If you are a Counter-Terrorist this strategy is very susceptible to the DE RUSH. My only advice is that if you are playing at a level where teams can pull off a DE RUSH successfully, you should have your own buy strategies by now!

The successful DE RUSH requires that the majority of your team be able to aim and shoot on the run. Furthermore your team needs to be coordinated enough so that you end up with the situation where 3-5 players from your team are all shooting at the one opposition player simultaneously, thus enabling you to kill each opposition player you encounter with a single shot from each of your own players using a Desert Eagle at medium to close range and assuming you are hitting them! Do not DE RUSH if the majority of your team cannot use the gun well in the situation I have just described, otherwise you are just wasting your money.

1st Round Loss (0-1)

For 2nd Round Don't buy anything ECO RUSH depending upon map, and side you are on.

Terrorists Notes for 2nd Round:

* If you planted the bomb full ECO and buy AK + Armour + Grenades in 3rd Round ($2200 + $1900 = $4100 for 3rd round per player worst case scenario)
* ECO then AK + Armour 3rd round to get an AK + Armour vesus MP5 + Armour Battle
* DE RUSH second round and try and win by rushing a site late in the round
* ECO twice, then buy AWP's 4th round

NB: $4,160 Gets a Terrorist an AK + 2 Clips + Full Armour + 1 HE Grenade + 1 Flashbang Grenade.
3rd Round
1st Rnd Win, 2nd Rnd Win (2-0)

3rd Round Keep MP5 if you are a Terrorist, the Counter-Terrorists most like going to ECO again. Buy Rifles if you are a Counter-Terrorist depending upon what Opposition might do, and how many times the Terrorists have planted the bomb in the previous two rounds, if the Terrorists planted in the 1st and/or 2nd rounds, then there's a good chance the 3rd round will not be an ECO, top up Grenades (This is map dependant and depends upon whether you are Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists)

1st Rnd Loss, 2nd Rnd Loss (0-2)

3rd Round, maybe buy HE, but otherwise just ECO again or AK RUSH if you ECO previous round (more of an option for Terrorists than Counter-Terrorist, popular strat for Dust2 or so I am told by reliable sources) With new money system, if you plant bomb in either 1st, 2nd or both rounds, then you can do a partial to full BUY UP, since you will have a minimum of $1400 + $1900 + $800 for each bomb plant + kills and left over cash, so long as you fully ECO 2nd Round.

1st Rnd Loss, 2nd Rnd Win (1-1)

Well done, BUY UP on Rifles, unless you already have enemies MP5, as you should be able to get a rifle, armour and a grenade, especially as a Terrorist.

1st Rnd Win, 2nd Rnd Loss (1-1)

Well you stuffed up, now u can either ECO, or MP5 its up to you and depends upon map.

4th Round

1st Rnd Win, 2nd Rnd Win, 3rd Rnd Win (3-0)

BUY UP, Buy Rifle, Get AWP, Buy as many grenades as you can afford, Buy others rifles if you haven't died yet. The other team will have eco'ed Rounds 2 and 3, but now they will have Rifles and Armour to.

1st Rnd Win, 2nd Rnd Win, 3rd Rnd Loss (2-1)

Don't buy anything, check money status of team, then decide whether to ECO or BUY UP.

1st Rnd Win, 2nd Rnd Loss, 3rd Rnd Win (2-1)


1st Rnd Win, 2nd Rnd Loss, 3rd Rnd Loss (1-2)

ECO You are struggling now, you have to save

1st Rnd Loss, 2nd Rnd Loss, 3rd Rnd Win (1-2)

Well Done, BUY UP.

1st Rnd Loss, 2nd Rnd Loss, 3rd Rnd Loss (0-3)

BUY UP after double ECO rounds 2 and 3.

1st Rnd Loss, 2nd Rnd Win, 3rd Rnd Win (2-1)

Well done, BUY UP.

1st Rnd Loss, 2nd Rnd Win, 3rd Rnd Loss (1-2)

Don't buy anything, check money status of team, then decide whether to ECO or BUY UP.

5th Round

If you win 4th Round, you are well on the way to winning the war if this is the 1st half, or you scored 4 or more wins in the 1st half.

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CS:Source War Strat Guide Pt.7
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