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 CS:Source Bind Guide

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PostSubject: CS:Source Bind Guide   CS:Source Bind Guide Icon_minitimeWed Jul 18, 2007 11:01 am

The general format for binding keys is:

bind "key" "command"

Lets look at buy binds to start with.

Buy commands:

buy glock (9x19mm Sidearm)
buy usp (KM .45 Tactical)
buy p228 (228 Compact)
buy deagle (Night Hawk .50C)
buy elite (.40 Dual Elites) buy fiveseven (ES Five-Seven)

buy m3 (Leone 12 Gauge Super)
buy xm1014 (Leone YG1265 Auto Shotgun)

buy mac10 (Ingram MAC-10)
buy tmp (Schmidt Machine Pistol)
buy mp5navy (KM Sub-Machine Gun)
buy ump45 (KM UMP45)
buy p90 (ES C90)

buy galil (IDF Defender)
buy ak47 (CV-47)
buy sg550 (Krieg 550 Commando)
buy famas (Clarion 5.56)
buy m4a1 (Maverick M4A1 Carbine)
buy aug (Bullpup)
buy scout (Schmidt Scout)
buy sg552 (Krieg 552)
buy awp (Magnum Sniper Rifle)
buy g3sg1 (D3/AU1)

Machine Guns:
buy m249 (M249)

buy primammo (Primary Ammo)
buy secammo (Secondary Ammo)
buy vest (Kevlar)
buy vesthelm (Kevlar+Helmet)
buy flashbang (Flashbang)
buy hegrenade (HE Grenade)
buy smokegrenade (Smoke Grenade)
buy nvgs (Nightvision)
buy defuser (Defusal Kit)

Those are all the weapons available in the game. In order to bind them, simply use this format:

bind <key> "buy weapon"

So, for example, to buy an AK47, enter this into the console:

bind <key> "buy AK47"

Some people like to add multiple binds to one key - such as buying an AK and ammo, plus a vest and helmet, to the same key. In this case, simple seperate your different commands using a ;(a semi colon), Example:

bind <key> "buy AK47; buy primammo; buy vesthelm"

You can add as many buy commands to a key as you want, just make sure you use the ; to seperate them, and that you enclose the whole buy section with quote marks (").

Binding to the Keypad:

These keys are not used in the default key binds, and (assuming you use WSAD for movement) are free to be bound to other commands. They are all located on the numpad, to the right hand side of a standard keyboard.

KP_INS (the 0 key)
KP_DEL (the decimal point)
KP_ENTER (the Enter key)
KP_PLUS (the Plus key)
KP_END (the 1 key)
KP_DOWNARROW (the 2 key)
KP_PGDN (the 3 key)
KP_LEFTARROW (the 4 key)
KP_5 (the 5 key)
KP_RIGHTARROW (the 6 key)
KP_HOME (the 7 key)
KP_UPARROW (the 8 key)
KP_PGUP (the 9 key)
KP_SLASH (the / key on the numpad)
* (the * key on the numpad)
KP_MINUS (the - key on the numpad)


code:bind "KP_INS" "buy ak47; buy m4a1; buy primammo" (Will buy an AK or an M4 with full ammo, depending on team choice, when you press 0 on the keypad)

bind "KP_DEL" "buy deagle; buy secammo" (Will buy a Desert Eagle (regardless of team choice) when the decimal key is pressed on the keypad)

bind "KP_LEFTARROW" "buy flashbang" (Will buy a single Flashbang when the 4 key is pressed, on the numpad)

bind "KP_5" "buy hegrenade" (Buys a frag nade when the 5 key is pressed on numpad)

bind "KP_RIGHTARROW" "buy smokegrenade" (Buys 1 smokegrenade when the 6 key is pressed)

bind "F3" "buy M4A1; buy AK47; buy primammo; buy flashbang; buy hegrenade; buy defuser" (Buys a full assault kit (rifle, primary weapon + ammo, 1xflash and 1x frag - and a defuser if CT) when you press F3)

These binds can be added to and editted, to fit your needs - but the KP keys are not used by default and as a result, can be used without fear of overwriting existing key binds.

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CS:Source Bind Guide
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